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Martin Roberts

Wow! What can I say about Martin other than that he is one incredible, inspirational individual. Martin spoke to the Defence Women’s Network on ‘A Wellbeing Check-In for a Virtual World’. From the moment he started telling his own personal journey our audience was captivated, his talk was also amazing and the feedback from our members was ‘we need more of Martin’! I can’t stress what an impact this has on our members and I’m being asked what he can speak about next! Anyone working with Martin will not be disappointed, he really is a positive influence.

Natalie Maddox-Hussain

Assistant Head Commercial, Ministry of Defence

Who is Martin?

Martin is an everyday man, living an everyday life, experiencing the normal knocks but in 2017 he found himself on the brink of suicide following the death of his mother, his father’s cancer diagnosis, his wife developing a rare bone tumour and having to relive his experience as a teenager at Hillsborough all over again through the ongoing legal proceedings.

Martin got as far as planning how he would take his own life but thankfully said the most important words “I need help”.  What happened from there not only saved his life but began to change his professional career into a completely new and exciting direction. He talks around the significance of a simple pair of brown shoes and the path he chose that morning.

Shoes on path

Martin is not just a motivational and inspiring speaker, he is a trusted consultant collaborating closely with public, private & education sector, sharing best practice that support the implementation of unique employee centric wellbeing strategies, solutions & programs within organisations. 

Through Martin’s thought provoking talks, he does not just demonstrate how poor mental health can affect any of us at any time but, more importantly, will leave you with trusted and proven tools & techniques, which together with the right care and support, positive mental health can be achieved again.

Martin’s journey has driven him to significantly raise the profile of mental health and wellbeing at every opportunity. Through both his role as an award winning Mental Health Lead within Lloyds Banking Group and as founder of Keep in Mind Ltd.

Martin offers your organisation a range of talks, interactive workshops, consultancy on all mental health and wellbeing subjects. If you know you need help but are not sure what, check out the links below.

Strategy & Consultancy

Workshops & Masterclasses

Keynote Speaker

Martin is a truly authentic and inspiring speaker who leaves a lasting impression on the people he meets. He delivered an engaging talk to our team on resilience and caring for yourself, sharing practical tips and guidance for team members and leaders. He took the time to understand the needs of our team and used his personal experience to shape a brilliant range of content. His natural and approachable style encouraged colleagues to reflect on their personal experiences and opened up a discussion on topics sometimes avoided. We could not recommend Martin more highly

Sarah Barthram

Head of Project Delivery

C5 Alliance

This week Martin presented to my team around Mental Health and Well-being. It was inspiring to listen to his personal journey and he really challenged me to think about how I look after those in my team but just as importantly how I look after myself and my own mental wellness. I am incredibly grateful for Martin’s insight and guidance and cannot recommend him enough to anyone looking for support either for yourself or your team.

Terry Collins CeMAP
Senior Bank Manager at Lloyds Banking Group

Martin is an amazing gentleman and has spoken twice to Close Brothers on mental health and resilience. His speeches have moved people to tears but equally leaving with really practical ways of combatting the pressures of modern way life. People have said that it was the best external engagement we have had - I couldn’t recommend more highly

Martyn Atkinson
Group Chief Operating Officer at Close Brothers

In 2019/20 we ran a nationwide project with Martin bringing choirs to five of LBG's key sites around the country. From the outset Martin's passion and vision for the project was apparent, generating huge levels of interest and engagement from all sites. Tune In was groundbreaking for LBG, a project the likes of which they had not attempted before in scale and creative ambition, and thus presented various challenges; organisational, cultural and logistical. In spite of this, Martin was always a pleasure to work with, highly professional in dealing with challenges, always with a smile and a kind word on a personal level and continually ensuring that our experience as a wellbeing provider was smooth and friction free. Martin is an asset to LBG and the mental health of their employees.

George Bell FRSA
On:song founder, wellbeing culture

We have worked with Martin for a number of years, and what a powerhouse and inspiration he is! You cannot fail to be moved by his story, but he is more than that - his desire, drive and passion for helping others is where he makes such an impact. Whether you want to reach your employees with looking after their mental health, or some support and guidance with getting mental health embedded in your company, Martin is your man!

Jo & Dan
Shurety Coaching

First and foremost Martin cares… it is as simple as that. His energy focuses on ensuring everyone he meets, connects with, or works alongside, knows he will listen. Martin engages with all audiences as much as the person who may be sitting next to him. He speaks with honesty, passion and clarity and not only enlightens you about the importance of mental health and wellbeing but allows self-assessment and self-reflection without embarrassment and you leave with a “toolkit” to know that self-care is not selfish. Thank you, Martin; those who have the privilege of listening to you and working with you will never forget your words.

Jane Shipley

CEO and Founder at ELSA

Next Generation CIC

Wow! What can I say about Martin other than that he is one incredible, inspirational individual. Martin spoke to the Defence Women's Network on 'A Wellbeing Check-In for a Virtual World'. From the moment he started telling his own personal journey our audience was captivated, his talk was also amazing and the feedback from our members was 'we need more of Martin'! I can't stress what an impact this has on our members and I'm being asked what he can speak about next! Anyone working with Martin will not be disappointed, he really is a positive influence. I look forward to working with you in 2022

Natalie Maddox – Hussain

Assistant Head Commercial

Ministry of Defence

Martin is an outstanding professional and human. His passion for mental health aligned with making a difference to peoples lives is exemplary. I had the privilege to work with him for one of my clients and he shared his powerful and honest journey through mental health in an engaging and inspiring way. Mental health is a huge topic if you are thinking about starting the conversations in your organisation I highly recommend martin, he will deliver a thought provoking and moving journey related to mental health in a way that will help to increase awareness, normalise conversations about mental health, provide advice and support and make a difference to peoples lives.

Kiran Nar

HR leader / Director / Coach

We have been lucky enough, as a business, to have martin present to the team twice now. His talk, “A walk in my shoes”, is a hugely insightful, honest and inspirational piece. Presenting and task-specific work aside though, Martin regularly messages me to check in and offer support to the wider team or link to a new article which aligns with our online mental health objectives. It is a pleasure working with someone who is genuine, passionate and knowledgeable in their field.

Barnaby Molloy
Deputy Chief Executive
We Are Guernsey

I have been lucky enough to see Martin deliver his talk, “A walk in my shoes” twice. Once to a room full of teenagers and once as part of an Aiimi lunch and learn focused on the importance of speaking up. What Martin was able to achieve in both of these sessions was incredibly powerful, by sharing his own story he brought to life the impact that mental illness health can have not just on the individual but those around them. Martin was so engaging, I have had many Aiimi team members get in touch to say how moving they found his session and some have even sought professional support as a result of hearing Martins words. I have enjoyed working with Martin and look forward to having him come back to Aiimi to work with the team again.

Charlotte Richmond
Head of Employee Engagement & Well-Being at Aiimi

Martin's journey is remarkable, and I'm grateful he accepted the invitation to speak at our Team Away Day. I enjoyed the simplicity of some of the concepts and techniques Martin shared. After listening to Martin's experiences, I've started shifting my mindset to see the positives and believe in myself more. Thank you! Please continue sharing your story - your kindness and positivity are lighting up the dark.

Gurjeet Kalsi
Finance & Business Systems Support Delivery Manager
Civil Nuclear Constabulary


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