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Martin Roberts

Martin Roberts

Martin’s own remarkable story began April 15th 1989 at 15:06 as a survivor of the Hillsborough football disaster.  That, plus other significant life experiences changed his personal and professional life forever.

Through this lived experience and his role as a Mental Health Lead at a leading UK Bank supporting c7k colleagues, Martin has developed a number of highly affective tools & techniques that have led him to be highly sought after by organisations.

Martin Talking

A teenage survivor of Britain’s worst ever sporting disaster in all times, Martin shares and speaks very openly about that fateful day and how unbeknown to him, it would be the catalyst of what would be another personal fight for survival some 28 years later.

Martin is an everyday man, living an everyday life, experiencing the normal knocks but found himself in 2017 on the brink of suicide following the death of his mother, his father’s cancer diagnosis, his wife developing a rare bone tumour and having to relive Hillsborough all over again through the ongoing legal proceedings.

Martin got as far as planning how he would take his own life but thankfully said the most important words “I need help”.  What happened from there not only saved his life but began to change his professional career into a completely new and exciting direction. He talks around the significance of a simple pair of brown shoes and the path he chose that morning.

Martin is not just a motivational and inspiring speaker, he is a trusted consultant collaborating closely with public, private & education sector, sharing best practice that support the implementation of unique employee centric wellbeing strategies, solutions & programs within organisations.

‘A Walk In My Shoes – One Step At A Time’ video

Through Martin’s thought provoking talks, he does not just demonstrate how poor mental health can affect any of us at any time but more importantly will leave you with trusted and proven tools & techniques, which together with the right care and support, positive mental health can be achieved again.

Martin’s journey has driven him to significantly raise the profile of mental health and wellbeing at every opportunity. Through both his role as an award winning Mental Health Lead within Lloyds Banking Group and as founder of Keep in Mind Ltd.

Martin offers your organisation a range of talks, interactive workshops, consultancy on all mental health and wellbeing subjects.

Martin @ Hillsborough

Martin outlines how wellbeing strategies can and should be shaped within organisations. He recognises wellbeing as an important focus area for all and brings to life how environments can become psychologically safe so genuine, honest conversations can take place. Those conversations ultimately saved Martin’s life.

Remember nothing changes if nothing changes.  Martin will really get you thinking about the mental health elephant in the room and what’s needed for the long journey ahead given the impact COVID-19 has had on all of our lives. Delivered by somebody who’s seen the bottom, knows how it feels and fought to bounce back.

What I Offer

Martin offers a range of talks, interactive workshops and consultancy either virtually or in person. All workshops are Individually researched & designed to meet your organisations needs, backed by statistical data and findings from leading authorities.
”What I offer is intuitive, collaborative and driven by personal and professional experience” 
Martin Roberts

Return to A New Society

We now hear words like ‘’return to a new normal’’ or ‘’return to new ways of working’’ or ‘’the marathon we have all been in is coming to an end’’.

This presentation will throw a different perspective and the significance of some very fundamental first basic steps.

How do we reconnect with society first?

We’ll explore the realisation that not all employees will be travelling at the same speed; You will take away the tools & techniques that support the transition for employees over what could be months & years but with a common goal….

”This is a step we can and will only take together”

Duration upto 60 minutes with Q&A 

Rebuild Your Post Pandemic Resilience 

Why do we stress before, but we don’t prepare before?

This talk is more than just understanding how to recognise the signs and symptoms that may have impacted on our performance both physical & mental. Here we look into specific situational factors that impact our resilience, unfolding what PERSONAL actions we can all take.

We dive into the human benefits in Optimists vs Pessimists and how through recent studies can be a predicator to health outcomes.

”Preparation today, leads to success tomorrow”

Duration upto 60 minutes with Q&A


A Walk in My Shoes – One Step at A Time

A teenage survivor of Britain’s worst ever sporting disaster in all times, Hillsborough 1989, Martin talks very openly of that fateful day but how unbeknown to him was the catalyst of what would be another personal fight for survival some 28 years later.

Martin’s talk is hard hitting, emotional yet inspiring. He shares why from an early age the word ‘mental health’ was something that wasn’t talked about, how this was to then manifest itself into his own personal battle including time in the care of his local mental health hospital and subsequent diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Martin’s authenticity and desire to help those listening starts from the very beginning of his talk with the ask being ”don’t focus on the person talking, but listen and learn from the messaging”

You will take away an abundance of practical tools & techniques, some of which aided Martin in his own recovery.

Duration upto 90 minutes with Q&A 


A Wellbeing Check-In for A Virtual World

The pandemic has now created a new way of working and will unlikely lead to a complete return to the office for employees. We explore together what greater significance there is needed for employee’s wellbeing but specifically how can we spot the signs if someone is struggling with their mental, physical or emotional wellbeing when managing remote / virtual teams.

We will talk through how to get beyond the word ‘’I’m Fine’’ or ‘’I’m Okay’’ leveraging on some of Martin’s own personal experiences and flipping on its head pre-pandemic approaches.

”To become comfortable we first may need to become uncomfortable”

Martin demonstrates this in a sensitive but yet engaging way and how not to be afraid of silience – At times the power of silence can be golden!

Duration upto 60 minutes with Q&A


Mental Wellbeing Strategy Design 

Martin is highly sought after by organisations to help shape and design wellbeing strategies. Through his work within the public, private and education sector, Martin utilises this experience & insight together with his own dynamic approach enables organisations to ‘listen differently and act differently’ creating a movement that everyone wants to get behind.

Martin will share example initiatives from his highly acclaimed & hugely successful ”Positive Mental Health Map” the processes he undertook to gain an understanding of key challenges faced by employees with their mental wellbeing.

Martin will show how from the analysis can be produced a workable roadmap that has been driven, designed by those who know where the impact is needed as opposed to a ”one size fits all” approach.

Martin will help you formulate, design a strategy that is centric to the wellbeing of its employees at all levels and with one key underlying  principle

”nothing changes, if nothing changes”

Duration – as agreed




Get Work Ready – Preparing My Mental Resilience 

In this highly interactive workshop aimed towards Year 12 and Year 13 students (can be adpated for younger age groups)  Martin shares why and how the type of skills & attributes required for the workplace post pandemic has shifted. Together we explore the importance of additional complimentary attributes such emotional intelligence, empathetic leadership and creativity skills.

Martin explains and demonstrates varying tools and techniques such as Positive Visualisation, how to put these into practice.

Martin shares why employers are more eager to learn about what we have learned through the pandemic that can be adopted within the workplace. Areas covered but not inclusive include Intrapreneurship; emotional intelligence and why controlling what we can change and influence as opposed to what we cannot is so important to our wellbeing.

Students will take away from this workshop a greater understanding and appreciation on the importance of looking after their own mental wellbeing, aligned now to the new environment we all live and work in.

Duration upto 2 hours


Bespoke Workshops As Requested

In addition to the specific topics mentioned, Martin also has a wealth of knowledge on many others areas including an extensive network of key contacts that also support positive mental wellbeing.

Other available workshops include, but not exhaustive:-

  • Workplace Mental Health Awarenesss
  • How to…..Sleep Better
  • How to…..Boost your energy
  • Supporting ourselves and team mates in the ‘new normal’

Podcast Interviews

Martin is regularly asked to share his expertise and knowledge via various social media channels underpinning his own beliefs and values that discussion on mental health and wellbeing should be discussed & collaborated on at every opportunity.

Below are links to a sample number of podcasts Martin has taken part in.

Men’s Health & Wellbeing at Work

A Wellbeing Check-In with Emma Langton

Mind Step Foundation

Living Virtuously Inspirational Speakers

12 in 12 Mental Health Campaign

Martin is a truly authentic and inspiring speaker who leaves a lasting impression on the people he meets. He delivered an engaging talk to our team on resilience and caring for yourself, sharing practical tips and guidance for team members and leaders. He took the time to understand the needs of our team and used his personal experience to shape a brilliant range of content. His natural and approachable style encouraged colleagues to reflect on their personal experiences and opened up a discussion on topics sometimes avoided. We could not recommend Martin more highly

Sarah Barthram

Head of Project Delivery

C5 Alliance

This week Martin presented to my team around Mental Health and Well-being. It was inspiring to listen to his personal journey and he really challenged me to think about how I look after those in my team but just as importantly how I look after myself and my own mental wellness. I am incredibly grateful for Martin’s insight and guidance and cannot recommend him enough to anyone looking for support either for yourself or your team.

Terry Collins CeMAP
Senior Bank Manager at Lloyds Banking Group

Martin is an amazing gentleman and has spoken twice to Close Brothers on mental health and resilience. His speeches have moved people to tears but equally leaving with really practical ways of combatting the pressures of modern way life. People have said that it was the best external engagement we have had - I couldn’t recommend more highly

Martyn Atkinson
Group Chief Operating Officer at Close Brothers

In 2019/20 we ran a nationwide project with Martin bringing choirs to five of LBG's key sites around the country. From the outset Martin's passion and vision for the project was apparent, generating huge levels of interest and engagement from all sites. Tune In was groundbreaking for LBG, a project the likes of which they had not attempted before in scale and creative ambition, and thus presented various challenges; organisational, cultural and logistical. In spite of this, Martin was always a pleasure to work with, highly professional in dealing with challenges, always with a smile and a kind word on a personal level and continually ensuring that our experience as a wellbeing provider was smooth and friction free. Martin is an asset to LBG and the mental health of their employees.

George Bell FRSA
On:song founder, wellbeing culture

We have worked with Martin for a number of years, and what a powerhouse and inspiration he is! You cannot fail to be moved by his story, but he is more than that - his desire, drive and passion for helping others is where he makes such an impact. Whether you want to reach your employees with looking after their mental health, or some support and guidance with getting mental health embedded in your company, Martin is your man!

Jo & Dan
Shurety Coaching

First and foremost Martin cares… it is as simple as that. His energy focuses on ensuring everyone he meets, connects with, or works alongside, knows he will listen. Martin engages with all audiences as much as the person who may be sitting next to him. He speaks with honesty, passion and clarity and not only enlightens you about the importance of mental health and wellbeing but allows self-assessment and self-reflection without embarrassment and you leave with a “toolkit” to know that self-care is not selfish. Thank you, Martin; those who have the privilege of listening to you and working with you will never forget your words.

Jane Shipley

CEO and Founder at ELSA

Next Generation CIC

Wow! What can I say about Martin other than that he is one incredible, inspirational individual. Martin spoke to the Defence Women's Network on 'A Wellbeing Check-In for a Virtual World'. From the moment he started telling his own personal journey our audience was captivated, his talk was also amazing and the feedback from our members was 'we need more of Martin'! I can't stress what an impact this has on our members and I'm being asked what he can speak about next! Anyone working with Martin will not be disappointed, he really is a positive influence. I look forward to working with you in 2022

Natalie Maddox – Hussain

Assistant Head Commercial

Ministry of Defence

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LBG Group Transformation Award
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