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Martin outlines how wellbeing strategies can and should be shaped within organisations. He recognises wellbeing as an important focus area for all and brings to life how environments can become psychologically safe so genuine, honest conversations can take place. Those conversations ultimately saved Martin’s life.

Remember nothing changes if nothing changes. Martin will really get you thinking about the mental health elephant in the room and what’s needed for the long journey ahead given the impact COVID-19 has had on all of our lives. Delivered by somebody who’s seen the bottom, knows how it feels and fought to bounce back.

From his engagements with different organisations he has been able to develop his Keep in Mind – Blueprint to Positive Employee Mental Health & Wellbeing. This four pronged approach is fully customizable and can be tailored to the requirements of your organisation.

A Visible Journey

Working in partnership with the Board, senior management  and employees Martin can design a precise and integral roadmap that introduces employees to wellbeing support themes and initiatives offered by your company. 


A tailored employee wellbeing survey that captures information to understand what specific gaps and challenges exist can provide valuable insights. Following detailed analysis, listening sessions, absence, attrition metrics and combined with Martin’s experience, a employee focus group could be established with responsibility for designing a wellbeing roadmap and implementation plans. 

Awareness Strategies

As part of the overall strategy you would also have access to select the most relevant of Martin’s ready to go presentations, workshops and even training for mental health advocates or managers. 

Engine Room

Where the magic starts, a focus working group supported with suggestions from your employees that are positively discussed and then priorities for action agreed which are endorsed with the Board. This group then generates a committed plan for action with individual and collective responsibilities. 


Through a mutually agreed time frame, working in collaboration with the Board and HR function to design, develop and successfully implement a bespoke Mental Health & Wellbeing strategy. The HR function will be supported in designing and developing internal policies, processes & guidelines around employee Mental Health & Wellbeing.

Workshops & Masterclasses

Martin offers a range of talks and interactive workshops for various size audiences either virtually or in person. All workshops are individually researched & designed to meet your organisations needs, backed by statistical data and findings from leading authorities.

”What I offer is intuitive, collaborative and driven by personal and professional experience” – Martin Roberts

Below you will find brief outline of the most popular workshops which have proven to make impacts on employees and help to shine a much needed light on the important topics.


Workshop: Looking after your mental health in the workplace

​Poor mental health in your company will have negative financial impacts through increased absenteeism, presenteeism, reduced productivity, fear of failure, lower staff morale and decreased productivity.

Key Learnings will include:

  • What mental health is and why it matters.
  • The personal cost of poor mental health to the individual and organisations.
  • Stigma and why normalising not minimising our feelings is vital.
  • Common workplace mental health conditions and how to support a colleague.
  • How to accurately identify potential poor mental health issues within a colleague.
  • Why and how to start a positive conversation about mental health at work.
  • How do I prepare for and undertake a positive and meaningful wellbeing check-in.
  • How can I develop your own resilience and that of the workforce by applying proven self-care techniques and strategies.

Duration : 3-3.5hours

Duration : 2-2.5hours

Workshop: How to facilitate an effective wellbeing conversation

​This workshop explores how to accurately become aware of the signs and behaviours both in self and others when affected by poor mental health. We will look at why an employee might feel afraid to speak out about their poor mental health and seek the help and support provided by your company.

  • Establish an understanding on why employees may feel uncomfortable about poor mental health.
  • Explore the importance of discussing your mental health from both employee and employer perspective.
  • Identify specific emotional, behavioural and physical signs in self and other colleagues that may suggest someone is experiencing poor mental health.
  • How to be supportive without imposing one’s own views or solutions.
  • Develop an agreed set of standards that builds a positive wellbeing conversation around four key pillars:-
    • Empathy
    • Sensitive
    • Genuineness
    • Non Judgemental

Training: Mental Health Advocates

The positive contribution a Mental Health Advocate will have within your company and become its own internal educators for its values and behaviours towards mental health and wellbeing, aligning to all of your own companies values and behaviours.

​​Key Learnings will include:

  • Establishing clear boundaries upon which a Mental Health Advocate will operate.
  • Agree the values and behaviours expected from a Mental Health Advocate.
  • Develop a robust understanding of what influences good and poor Mental Health.
  • Through the use of a developed framework, applying techniques to have open and supportive conversations.
  • The importance of looking after your own wellbeing.
  • How to address stigma for employees and you as an employer in a way that resonates with your own company’s values.
  • How to maintain an environment for raising awareness on internal and external activities which may have a positive impact on the wellbeing of your employees.
  • Recovery from poor mental health and applying practical support tools such as an employee Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)

Duration : 4 hours

In addition to the specific topics mentioned, Martin also has a wealth of knowledge on many others areas including an extensive network of key contacts that also support positive mental wellbeing. 

Other available workshops include, but not exhaustive:-

  • How to…..Sleep Better
  • How to…..Boost your energy
  • Supporting ourselves and team mates in the ‘new normal’
  • and many many more

Keynote Presentation: A Walk in My Shoes One Step at a Time

This is Martin’s signature presentation which he has given numerous times as a Keynote speaker at many different kinds of events both in person and virtually. A 19 year old survivor of Britain’s worst ever sporting disaster, Hillsborough, 15th April 1989, he shares openly the impact that fateful day had on him. Little did he realise then that this past experience would prove to be the catalyst of what would be another personal fight for survival some 28 years later.

Key Learnings will include: 

  • Why I didn’t talk about poor mental health and reach out for help quickly.
  • Suicidal Ideation and tendancies and why suicide appeared to the best solution even though it really wasnt.
  • Significance of taking two steps forward and saying three words ‘’I Need Help’’
  • Establishing the important role in daring to be vulnerable and taking two steps forward.
  • How your organisation can support its employees recover from poor mental health.
  • Positively demonstrating how an employee and your company can use personal experience as a catalyst for change and become a beacon of light to other employees.

The focus of the presentation is not on the magnitude of the event. The focus is on the significant emotional, physical and behavioural impact it had on my wellbeing, family, friendships, colleagues and employer and how the three words “I need help” saved my life.

Duration : 90 minutes

Below are some other popular presentations that can be adjusted for your organisation and with reduced durations. If you want to discuss these or a bespoke requirement for your organisation then click on the WhatsApp link below and chat to Martin.

I have been lucky enough to see Martin deliver his talk, “A walk in my shoes” twice. Once to a room full of teenagers and once as part of an Aiimi lunch and learn focused on the importance of speaking up. What Martin was able to achieve in both of these sessions was incredibly powerful, by sharing his own story he brought to life the impact that mental illness health can have not just on the individual but those around them. Martin was so engaging, I have had many Aiimi team members get in touch to say how moving they found his session and some have even sought professional support as a result of hearing Martins words.
I have enjoyed working with Martin and look forward to having him come back to Aiimi to work with the team again.

Charlotte Richmond

Head of Employee Engagement & Well-Being , Aiimi