We are not defined by single moments but by how we rise after we fall. Martin has fallen hard, many times and through many of life’s challenges but he is a true role model for rising and helping others to rise as well.

A teenage survivor of Britain’s worst ever sporting disaster of all time, Martin shares his vulnerability through speaking openly about that fateful day and how unbeknown to him, it would be the catalyst of what would be another personal fight for survival some 28 years later.

On reflection, Martin would say that for many, many years that fateful date and experience defined him but he is proud to say that it is no longer the case. What defines him now is the lives that he has impacted through his motivational keynote talks and workshops.

Martin @ Hillsborough

A true leader is someone who balances humility with vulnerability; someone who can inspire through their words and actions. Martin does all of this and more. He shares his most vulnerable experiences with his audiences so that he can make a difference. He has taken his darkest moments and used these to shine a much needed light for others.

His acclaimed signature talk ‘A Walk in My Shoes, One Step At A Time’  truly shows people how important it is to prioritize your own mental health but also, how managers and leaders within organisations can take some key steps to supporting their people. And you learn the significance of a simple yet most treasured pair of brown shoes pictured at the top of the page.

Martin is an everyday man, living an everyday life, experiencing the normal knocks but found himself in 2017 on the brink of suicide following the death of his mother, his father’s cancer diagnosis, his wife developing a rare bone tumour and having to relive Hillsborough all over again through the ongoing legal proceedings.

Martin got as far as planning how he would take his own life but thankfully said the most important words “I need help”.  What happened from there not only saved his life but began to change his professional career into a completely new and exciting direction. He talks around the significance of a simple pair of brown shoes and the path he chose that morning.

Martin is not just an acclaimmed public keynote motivational and inspiring speaker, he is a trusted consultant collaborating closely with public, private & education sector, sharing best practice that support the implementation of unique employee centric wellbeing strategies, solutions & programs within organisations.

First and foremost Martin cares… it is as simple as that. His energy focuses on ensuring everyone he meets, connects with, or works alongside, knows he will listen. Martin engages with all audiences as much as the person who may be sitting next to him. He speaks with honesty, passion and clarity and not only enlightens you about the importance of mental health and wellbeing but allows self-assessment and self-reflection without embarrassment and you leave with a “toolkit” to know that self-care is not selfish. Thank you, Martin; those who have the privilege of listening to you and working with you will never forget your words.

Jane Shipley

CEO & Founder ELSA, Next Generation CIC