It starts with a trickle……

A new future of work, a new way to wellbeing and a new way to have a conversation.

Gradually and yet very, very slowly we are starting to see a trickle of employees return to the work place, but it’s by no means a stream or tidal wave.

So how can we ensure, sustain and encourage a shift or maybe it’s an adaption of mindset to making HYBRID work?

Of course we can ensure a great and positive workplace experience, provide the right technology and maybe even throw in a few free coffees and sandwiches.

BUT how do we also ensure we create the time, space, the environment to have a GREAT CONVERSATION?

People crave connections (not necessarily free coffee and sandwiches!) and a sense of belonging BUT we also have to ensure those difficult moments when we feel under pressure & stress, we feel comfortable & safe to have a conversation.

My latest presentation/workshop explores how to accurately become aware of the signs and behaviours both in self and others when becoming impacted by poor mental health and how to move from awkward moment/conversation to ”lets work this through together”

We also explore…

How to be supportive without imposing one’s own views or solutions and how to develop an agreed set of standards that builds a positive wellbeing conversation around four key pillars:-

😌 Empathy
😢 Sensitive
😇 Genuineness
😮‍💨 Judgemental

Then we explore the Emotional, Behavioural and Physical signs for someone who may be struggling to adapt to this new hybrid working, focussing specifically:-

♦︎ Learned helplessness can stem from not feeling ‘good enough’ at anything and at the same time feeling guilty about letting you and the team down – How can we overcome this

♦︎ Self-regulation takes energy, a lot of energy, which stress and tiredness drain – why and what can we do to balance this out?

♦︎ When the mind suffers the body cries out – how to prevent the mind suffering in the fist place and if it does, how to help our bodies and minds.

Are you ready to have a great conversation today?

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